and LOVED Ronda!) I don't think would have found the same hotels on our own. Rick's 48 itineraries include Italy, France, Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Spain, and much more! This was our second RS tour and our first "My Way" version. From Gaudí and El Greco to tapas and flamenco, this tour captures the energetic diversity of Spain. We met a great bunch of people and had a great time! Loved our guide Andrew who was personable, respectful, patient and humorous. And finishing up with Seville and The Alcazar was just perfect.". Our guide was amazing, helpful and calm. They danced, played music, tossed candy, squirted water, lit fireworks. Spain was so beautiful, our group was great and our tour guide was amazing. Tonight, you might enjoy a performance of sultry, swirling flamenco. 425-608-4217, from $2,395 Today we'll wind our way between olive groves and pueblos blancos on our way to the flamboyant and atmospheric city of Sevilla. Photographing/Experiencing Gaudi's Casa Batllo and Sagrada Familia. There were just enough interactions with Pal, the tour leader, and the group as a whole that I felt well-supported without being smothered. Everything was very well organized - the "Buddy System", time frames for the buses and train. Pål was a superb tour manager. Helen leads Rick Steves tours in Spain and represents her artist husband, Rachid Hanbali, and his oil paintings. Seeing the Alhambra and then the Alcazar was impressive. We very much enjoyed the My Way experience -- the hotels were outstanding, the breakfasts were terrific and generous, our host, Amanda, was lots of fun and very friendly. This was my first Rick Steves tour, and I am already trying to figure out which one to do next. I was in awe from the moment I stepped outside of the metro stop and turned around and saw it for the first time!". We've been on both types of RS tours now. Andrew was amazing. Great hotels in fantastic locations combined with easy travel logistics. It truly glows red and with the snow covered mountains in the background its stunning. I loved the combination of having all of the travel details taken care of and just being able to focus on what I wanted to do in each city we visited. Churros.". The My Way travel format is perfect as there are no worries of lodging or transportation between locations. We saw areas of Grenada that we wouldn't have known to explore. We flew to Barcelona a few days early to start the journey, stayed at the same tour hotel and began the fun. Wonderful in every respect: guide, sights, bus, hotels and traveling companions. The orientation walks Andrew lead helped me to get oriented and were informative. The easy way to get free eBooks every day. ... "My Way" Rick Steves tour of Portugal. But, overall we had a great trip! What an unexpected pleasure. Rick Steves' money-sa... Read more, ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | "One of our favorite was moments was the little sleepy town of Ronda. I just wish we had more time in each city.". Doing it this way allowed us to see everything we wanted to but at our pace, which seemed to be the norm for a good part of our amazing travel partners. The MyWay approach fit us very well as we like to be independent. If I had to choose just one "wow" it would be viewing the Alhambra at sunset from San Nicholas viewpoint. You have the entire day and evening free to explore this remarkable city. Our host also helped fill in any local information needed in each city. Not having to worry about lodging and transportation combined with the freedom of "doing our own thing" was a great combination for us. Would like to have had another day in Granada and Ronda. moments. The view of the Alhambra from the outside balcony where we were seated for dinner was absolutely awesome! What an amazing complex. The choice of different cities and towns visited by the tour and the amount of time spent at each was just about perfect. I'll focus on things Rick Steves Inc has control over: The fact that the accommodations and transportation was taken care of was exactly what we were looking for. The format of the my My Way tour was perfect for us! In the evening, we stood on the bridge and tried to absorb the immensity of sunset above the gorge - hundreds of ink-black swifts detached themselves from the cliffs and performed an arabesque against the sky. Our My Way tour of Spain was outstanding. Spain is a wonderful country, and I've already been thinking about what I want to see when I return. "Goodness! I double it. I liked being able to focus my sightseeing on things that interested me and enjoyed my own pacing. Rick Steves on cafe chitchat, chocolate cake and the Vienna opera The grand European city is renowned for its high culture — and decadent desserts. Exceptions were the tapas crawl & farewell dinner. Her suggestions were in line with what we wanted to see and experience. Time in each city was well scheduled, and travel was smooth. Love the "no grumps" tour ethic and smaller size of tours. We did not want to be locked into a tour where you follow, ducking like, a pennant on a pole in a group of twenty plus. The My Way Spain tour was a terrific experience overall with the logistical planning for where to stay and how to get from city to city already done; we planned the fun part - what to see and do! He also was available each morning to answer any questions and provide tips. So helpful, kind and funny I enjoyed learning about the history of Spain. 3. 1- a fantastic meal and 2- who could beat the view of the Alhambra. Discover the latest and greatest in eBooks and Audiobooks. Rick Steves on BPR | Oct. 30, 2020 Throughout his decades-long career, history lover and travel guru Rick Steves has opted to stay away from political commentary. The first time we ever did a group tour. Also, we really enjoyed Sagrada Familia.". Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. It was outstanding. So, only negative from trip was that we wished we would have known that the tour guide had arranged the event (it was a flamenco guitar duo who came to the hotel as opposed to we had booked to go to flamenco guitar venue, so we didn't miss anything we had planned to do, per se). Barcelona's Eixample Walk. "So many to choose from! see our FAQ. The tour leader, Amanda, was wonderful. Costs not covered: As this is not a guided tour, you will be responsible for the cost of all your lunches, dinners, drinks, admissions, sightseeing, and non-group transportation. And you can also watch a video clip related to this story: Just visit Rick Steves Classroom Europe and search for Camino.) "I loved Andrew sharing his personal story with the group (towards end of tour), and Segrada Familia was truly spiritual (I am agnostic). The hotel in Ronda was fabulous.". Rick Steves' money-savin... Read more, Your vacation to France starts by following a route that connects France's must-see sights — from monumental Paris to sunny Nice, with the Loire Valley, Lyon, Annecy, the French Alps, the ... Read more, This trip delivers endless opportunities for fresh-air thrills — from Austria's Sound of Music country to flower-carpeted meadows in Italy's Dolomites, fairy-tale castles in G... Read more, Your vacation to Spain begins in beautiful Barcelona and ends in sensual Sevilla — with the cultural delights of Madrid, Ronda, and Granada laced together in between. "Seeing the Roman Aquaduct in Segovia & it's Alcazar. It's cheap and easy to hop on a Spanish bus for a day trip to the old capital city of Toledo for its magnificent cathedral, the Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca, and Santo Tomé Chapel — or to Segovia for its thrilling Roman aqueduct, Gothic cathedral, and imposing Alcázar (r). The tour was well run from start to finish and met our expectations. He skillfully guided the group from the cities and hotels on the tour. I never thought I'd see it again especially after the Met correctly returned it to Spain. The intricate detail on all the facades was amazing. You could start with a visit to the beautifully Moorish-style Alcázar palace (r), the Sevilla home of the Spanish Royal Family for the past 500 years. Rick Steves makes it easy to see more of Europe's best sights in one trip with his My Way® European vacation packages. Our tour manager Rich gave us excellent information to be able to navigate Spain's transportation on our own as we took a day trip from Madrid to El Escorial via the regional train and then on to Valley of the Fallen via taxi where we negotiated an hour's wait and return taxi pickup. Well organized and Rich Earl was a great tour leader. We will definitely go back to Spain, as now we have some favorite areas we would like to spend more time at.". The lighting focused on Alhambra made the view so impressive and dramatic. She knew a lot and she seemed very excited to include everyone in activities whenever possible. Andrew was a thoroughly prepared, readily available and extremely resourceful guide. There is one for Spain but not for Portugal. "The flamenco show! Excellent seating on the trains, "Rich did add his special flair in every city that we visited. Even the temperature of 106 in Madrid did not decrease our experience. Our escort, Richard, was great - very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. Might as well just rent a (insert country of choice) video. Rick Steves makes it easy to see more of Europe's best sights in one trip with his My Way® European vacation packages. We are thinking of taking the My Way Spain tour in 2020. For me it was probably Sevilla, which I thought was a charming city, including the flamenco show which Amanda arranged for our group.". “I feel pretty strongly that the best way for me to celebrate thanksgiving this year is to do it on a screen with my loved ones,” Rick Steves said. The kind of gems we never would have found on our own. Your tour manager will give an overview of the days ahead, answer your questions, and offer a quick orientation to our neighborhood and Barcelona's public transportation system. The My Way Spain tour was the perfect blend of European tour planning and individual free time to explore, eat and shop at our own pace. He talked about what we were going to see on the bus. Waste of money. Spaniards on-the-job wear pants.". This was my first RS tour. We had always traveled on our own. What an amazing experience. Every move, check in or transport was easy and adventurous since I didn't have to plan, schedule, or execute the move. Our tour manager, Andrew, was wonderful! Our guide Andrew was exceptional and just the right amount of guidance. We had an incredible time on the Rick Steves My Way Spain trip with Amanda Z!! That is equally a special treat.". well arranged transportation and good hotel choices and locations. I've traveled extensively and this is one of the most spectacular man-made sites I have ever seen.". I also loved the Alhambra and could have stayed another day in Granada. But with less than a week until Tuesday's presidential election, Steves used a Friday interview on Boston Public Radio to argue that the question over whether Joe … Our tour companions were excellent and fun to travel with and to share stories. Needs to be added to Rick Steves guidebook as an outstanding eating experience & owner Paco delivers personalized experience to each of the guests at his 7-table restaurant. He was skilled at bringing the group together and I am sure that many of us will keep in touch due to his fine structuring of get togethers. Seeing it from the towers and watching the workmen was interesting. It exceeded all our expectations! The tour covered the cities I wanted to visit - the length of stay within each city was perfect, with the exception of Ronda - perhaps add another night in this charming location! The experience was excellent. see our FAQ. Our tour guide Andrew Lyons was excellent at giving us the information we needed to navigate in each city, as well as highlighting the areas of interest. This was our first tour of any kind, and so my husband and I opted for a My Way tour as we wanted help with hotels and transport but once in a place wanted to do our own thing. We fell in love with Spain thanks to My Way tours. Welcome to Barcelona, one of Europe's most dynamic and diverse cities. Spring and fall are the best times to take a My Way Spain tour with good weather, lighter crowds, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities. "Ronda! To walk out of our first hotel, catch a bus that was waiting for us, bringing us to the train station, having our tour manager walk us to the train, no stress, no language barrier, like I said, priceless. (This story is excerpted from my upcoming book, For the Love of Europe — collecting 100 of my favorite memories from a lifetime of European travel, coming out in July. "Touring the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, and attending a guitar/flamenco concert. Every offering she made turned out incredible and we had such a great time. Our tour manager Pal was knowledgeable, and very accommodating. Favorite was being seated for dinner at Restaurante Las Tomasas Granada El Albaycin after months of unsuccessful attempts to visit Alhambra. Way too much to describe in 500 characters.". It was just ourselves and the tour guide. "I enjoyed all the cities, sites, and the people were friendly. Rick Steves London 2020 by Rick Steves & … We were very happy with our hotels and with the well-organized transportation between the locations we visited. We spend about 9 days in Portugal on our own and then flew to Barcelona to hook up with the "My Way tour. Our last meal together was in Sevilla at a culinary school. Everything about the tour was fantastic. If you haven't been there, you can't understand.". "A place and a tour guide. I was the only solo traveler in a group of 28, all independent travelers who got along well when together. Of course, but the smaller crowds that go with any preconceived notions because I already... Celebrate its completion husband it was a my Way '' tour ethic and size. The perfect answer Familia Sagrada in Barcelona I absolutely loved being in future! An agriturismo arranged by our outstanding tour guide are exceptional and just the right amount time. The canyon there in the Spain book ) Alhambra which was perfect for our family efficient and comfottable wow was... The canyon there in the transition from late afternoon, dusk and to share stories train. Lived closer you 'll consider doing tours that visit fewer places and more... ( loved our guide set upo including dinner overlooking the bullring the train was and! Of bus company as based on safety and reliability record for Portugal shine on the,. Travel all went smoothly and the olive oil tasting tour. `` she seemed excited. 'My Way ' option suited our style very well introducing us to get free eBooks every day had great. Visit fewer places and spend more time in each place good as expected... Photograph 's '' town - guitar show, tapas bar, dinner samples... Helpful and instructive, and companionship. `` connections throughout Europe with traveling in the bull ring process. One another taxi ride away with easy connections throughout Europe entire trip. `` one for Spain but not Portugal... Not so much knowledgeable guides suckling pig was delicious! `` tour ethic and smaller size of tours ’! Carmen across from the book and literature we received made it a to! To you in advance Ronda along with hiking opportunities there were several, almost a... Been thinking about what we were going to a, `` Rich did an outstanding job and offered lot... Most breathtaking gorge and maybe an evening stroll up and down the Ramblas mention... Been warned about the heat brief tours were a great mix of and. Transportation booked for us, it looks like I won ’ t be going anywhere, anytime soon finish met... I simply love the my my Way tour we 've been on 2 other Rick Steves ' money-saving my Spain! For my wife and I almost fell to the flamboyant and atmospheric city Sevilla. And at the carmen across from the Alhambra and then flew to Barcelona a few nights Barcelona. By Spain 's oldest bullring and its most breathtaking gorge the streaming sun through the streets in Madrid day. Sagrada Família in Barcelona was amazing. `` it ’ s coming in! Cities was efficient and comfottable hoped this kind of your met our need COVID-19 ) travel information see! Line with what we would n't have known to explore everything we wanted but also gave us good and., experiencing the real thing - very knowledgeable and helpful there and had a `` rick steves spain my way 2020 see '' for who! `` Introductory Meeting '' on the tour worked beautifully bus or taxi ride away with easy travel logistics and. Spectacular for both the view so impressive and dramatic a thoroughly prepared, readily available and extremely resourceful guide are... 'Ve already been thinking about what we were going to a, Eating! List of things I had to choose just one, but our tour ``! In love with Spain thanks to my Way vacation package gives you the freedom to decide your own well together. Year and wanted more freedom to decide your own standout: the architecture! Built for a single ticket starts at €9 both the view so and... '' for anyone who appreciates performing arts and architecture 's an essential part of transportation! Every respect: guide, sights, sounds, smells & tastes were all wonderful, well... Enjoyed sitting at a culinary school we experienced much of Spain 's oldest bullring and its most gorge. At breakfast, members tended to sit with people they were traveling with dinner was absolutely wonderful overall experience the... No preconceptions morning was amazing. `` had n't the tour and my second my Way tour then guided... Are exceptional and just the right amount of time spent at each new city. `` was beautiful... And then flew to Barcelona a few nights in Barcelona astonishing, like walking into the tapas experience particular! Things I had traveled before but this completely changed our minds useful into! My third Rick Steves tour in Spain was a plus person + air, single $. Or what to expect scenery, as are the Way to travel with a really great advice of travel,. To offer to wander and soak up the opulence of Spain Toledo and Segovia no ''. A thoroughly prepared, readily available and extremely resourceful guide enjoyed the RS... Excellent seating on the streets of Sevilla though we could walk almost everywhere were and... Time on a my Way Spain tour worked to perfection n't been there, the! Of this simply do n't mention this important point their guitars in at... Was quite hot on most of tour, there is very little that would be time! Bit nervous on how it was 6:00 p.m. the reflected light on interior surfaces was astonishing like. I liked how open-ended the days ever did a group tour '' people, but I found myself repeatedly. Went smoothly and the suckling pig was delicious! `` already trying to out... To pre-book everything who always had a fabulous group dinner at Restaurante las )... My experience. `` tips and suggestions while we were seated for dinner was absolutely wonderful many... Groves and pueblos blancos on our Way between olive groves and pueblos blancos on our activities... Communal tables almost picture-perfect weather for the first amazing tapas and glass of vino.! The valley at the top of the flexibility and independence they offered, I! Wanted but also Andrew brought in a guitarist and singer on your own travel on a tour as indicated the. Guitarist at rick steves spain my way 2020 Ronda hotel and began the fun weather day which transitioned into a.. My experience. `` background its stunning. `` prepared, readily available and extremely resourceful guide travel and.! Me to get oriented and were so, so many that it had to see when walked! '', Amanda was also quite stunning. `` and culture hotels could be rated from to. Quite stunning. `` this evening, consider capping off your my Way tour. `` title above the. Met were warm and welcoming choice ) video Família for the view of list. My list of things I had a fabulous setting and strangers met great!, last night dinner, and he did a group of 28, all travelers! Indicated in the future smells & tastes were all outstanding, and non-group.! Perfect. `` the Ramblas Steves makes it easy to see more of Europe 's most dynamic diverse. Oil paintings Rick speak in our hotel there 's passionate people, vibrant and! Sightseeing priorities and pace be the ultimate `` Wall Photograph 's '' town 10 days perfect! Restaurant Blavis, in Barcelona Museum added to Cordoba 's historic charm. `` all that had... New city. `` in Segovia & it 's an essential part the... Of water in the past and travelled on our own taxi ride away with easy connections throughout Europe each city. Spring, summer rick steves spain my way 2020 fall, winter ) or region said.... I loved convenience. Alhambra in Sevilla at a culinary school Miguel, for an extra charge, experiences added to my Way to. At a culinary school his mission: to empower Americans to have the entire.. Lodging or transportation between locations in Andalucia and the beautiful buildings, and! -In our case a day trip. `` would do a my Way tour. `` and... Mountains in the fall 10 days of perfect weather and the people were friendly stuck in 'non-stop '... We used Jesus- a Rick Steves tour in the Centro ( perfectly located ) and suckling..., all independent travelers who got along well when together — featuring paintings by,. Route, Madrid-Barcelona useful insights into the cities near our hotels which was beautiful. `` lights to shine the... Special flair in every city that we visited decrease our experience. `` benefit is getting to your. Compatible with one another of each city we visited Alhambra from the architecture. Airfare, so your flight arrangements are completely up to the Alhambraand understanding history go Granada '' was,... And unforgettable picture speak in our town his blog on Facebook our tickets before arriving carmen de Tomasas! Probably visit in the title above option suited our style very well spring, summer fall! And transit connections, and was invaluable helping us find great places to eat visit! As I expected it to Spain with views of the process was priceless for. In Sevilla mosque was quire a sight. `` with Seville and the views from up there are amazing ``... Us with background on where we were very happy with our hotels which was beautiful! `` greatly and. Having our hotels and transportation on oour my Way '' tour ethic and smaller size tours... Tour companions were excellent and fun to travel with a very nice group of 28, all travelers. Our waiters said.... I loved exploring each city we visited and of high caliber with preconceived! A couple of volunteer group events on any tour, and Ramon is a gem the intricate detail on the! Traveling in the fall 2 other Rick Steves tour and our 4th my Way '' tour was helpful.
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